Can Radon Exist In Water?

Compared to radon entering the home through soil, radon entering the home through water will in most cases be a small source of risk. Radon gas can enter the home through well water. It can be released into the air you breathe when water is used for showering and other household uses. Research suggests that swallowing water with high radon levels may pose risks too, although risks from swallowing water containing radon are believed to be lower than those from breathing air containing radon. Conducting radon water testing is the only way you will know if you're at risk.

While radon in water is not a problem in homes served by most public water supplies, it has been found in well water. If you've tested the air in your home and found a radon problem, and your water comes from a well, you should perform a radon water test. Radon test kits are inexpensive and easy to use. If you're on a public water supply and are concerned that radon may be entering your home through the water, contact your municipal water department.

Radon problems in water can be readily fixed. The most effective treatment is to remove radon from the water before it enters the home. This is called point-of-entry treatment. Treatment at your water tap is called point-of-use treatment. Unfortunately, point-of-use treatment will not reduce most of the inhalation risk from radon.

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